The earliest monumental astronomical clocks in central Europe, focusing on the Zytglogge clock in Bern (Switzerland)

September 13th, 9:00 – 10:00

Starting in the mid – 14th century the first astronomical monumental clocks were created. Their dial is usually an astrolabe, a depiction of the then prevalent geocentric view of the universe. But only a few of them – including the one in Bern – operate today in an essentially unaltered way.

Markus Marti


After studying Electrical Engineering work as a telecom engineer at Hasler AG, Ascom and Ericson. Since 1978 part time municipal appointment as „Zeitrichter“ (literally ‚Timesetter‘), a city position created in Bern in the 14th century. 1981 – 1983 Project Manager for the restoration of the Bern astrolabium. Numerous publications on medieval monumental astronomical clocks, reflecting his lifelong intensive study of the subject.