Good value watches from Ruhla

September 14th, 11:30 – 12:30

In 1862, the Thiel brothers founded a workshop for small metal goods. After making some toy pocket watches for children, they started making simple pocket watches in 1892. Their strategy was to produce large numbers of affordable but reliable basic timekeepers. Absolute interchangeability of parts was their key to easy assembly, and later automated manufacturing. They always made all their own tools and machinery.

Artur Kamp


After studying engineering in Glashütte/Sa., in 1960 VEB Uhren – und Maschinenfabrik Ruhla. 1967 Deputy General Manager, 1977 Director for Research and Development. 1991 Co – founder of Gardé Uhren und Feinmechanik Ruhla, 1993 Director for Manufacturing and Technology. 1999 until retirement in 2004, Chief Executive Officer. Until 2010 independent consultant. Since 2002 Chairman of the Museumsbeirat des Ruhlaer Uhrenmuseums, since 2010 Chair of the Fördervereins Uhrentradition Ruhla e.V.