The Engineer of Precision. The Pendulum Clocks of Sigmund Riefler

September 14th, 15:00 – 16:00

In this presentation the life and achievements of Sigmund Riefler in improving the accuracy of precision pendulum clocks are discussed. The invention of a completely new escapement and a nickel steel compensation pendulum, supported by a patented electric elevator, played an important role in this. His successes are described and the reasons for Sigmund Riefler’s success are explained.

Bernhard Huber


After studying physics and mathematics, Bernhard Huber received his doctorate in engineering from the University of Erlangen. Afterwards, he was responsible for setting up various development departments within the Philips Group, most recently as overall manager for all IT activities, then as a member of the German management of an international IT service provider. Mechanical timepieces, books and libraries have been his passion for many years. After retiring in 2003, he developed the library of the DGC in Nuremberg into the largest specialist library for the field of time measurement in Europe, combined with countless accompanying activities.