The Peter Henlein-Story

September 12th, 17:30 – 18:35

In 1897 the Germanisches Nationalmuseum acquired a small drum – shaped, spring driven mechanical watch signed ‚Petrus Hele‘. This object rapidly gained the reputation of being the oldest surviving pocket watch in the world. Recent examination, including retrospective technical analysis of components, as well as modern, critical contextual analysis of the history of technology now cast a new light on the artefact and its history.

Thomas Eser


Studies in The History of Art, Regional History of Bavaria, and Classical Archeology at Augsburg University. Dissertation on the German Renaissance sculptor Hans Daucher. Since 1995 at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, managing various international research projects and related exhibitions, mainly on arts and crafts in the centuries following the middle ages. Since 2012 in charge of the collections of historic weapons, the history of medicine, and scientific instruments.